Float able pontoons


  • Increase stability
  • Can crash onto things with little damage (Police boats often have these)
  • Uses, can sit on them

Should have sealed components in bottom of hull- but if not and holed pontoons can help.

Foam filled Hull

  • helps with safety regulations
  • adds slight amount of weight
  • difficult to dry out if water gets in
  • water stays down there
  • Loose that space in hull if foam filled



  • balance maintained on both sides of ship


Propulsion System

  • Jets- sucks water in and pushes it out quicker
  • Outboard– all in one motor
  • In board
  • Surface Drive- can be very quiet, dolphins love them, little vibration, raceboats often use them as little hardware under water, less drag, and since half in/half out of water creates lift.
  • Gas Turbine- expensive but huge amount of power