Video that beautifully illustrates all aspects of the surf trip we want to encompass in our design.


This is the blurb from the RipCurl Website that describes what they are all about with this trip..
“Rip Curl’s “Tip 2 Tip” Search project is a surf trip like no other. Six-months on a boat, 21 professional surfers, a mission to explore the entire Indonesian archipelago – from one tip to the other…

A journey about discovery, adventure, adversity and the people who share the laughs along the way, Rip Curl’s “Tip 2 Tip” has it all and more. From perfect waves to unlocked mysteries, feral pirates to cabin fever, from cheers and tears to fresh fish and beers.

Now, thanks to 14 cameramen, seven editors, five journalists and a handful of untitled others, Rip Curl will unravel the entire search trip online with anyone keen to jump on board for the ride”