Although our planning and layout was going wicked we stopped,  stood back and wondered…. were we getting too ‘blocky’.

So our interiors and layout are not interfered with too much this is some profiles we are working on   – sketches be up soon.

Looking at several angles we could add to our interior block

Moved everything in the front half of the boat forward 350mm so enough room for angle- found that by trying and re doing so many parts we were no longer looking at a ‘connected’ model. Side walk had been redone, therefore most other parts needed to be laid out 🙂

See blue curve for initial cross section line of front part.

Angles and intersections

more sections to try build surface

Looks like a bubble….. Not that cool, probably not best angled shot,

Ridged look. NICE. Side part was just being used for a split. Connection between front and side walls is still UGLY!

Network surface. UGLY


Used Rebuild surface to make it nice and pretty like. It’s better but still not quite right. WE WILL GET THERE