We came across many problems when attempting to render our boat.

When first importing our boat onto Bunkspeed Shot it wouldn’t load as it said there was not enough memory.

In order to fix this problem we tried importing the file in parts however they didn’t match up. We tried importing all the files with a hull so that they would line up however that meant that there where numerous hulls that could not be deleted as if they where the whole file that came with it would go to.

Next we tried exporting with origin having a point in the middle to always snap to however this did not work either…..

so we pondered……

the next logical step seemed to be to try and download a rendering programme onto either of our computers however the problem there was that we both own macs and many of the rendering programmes are for pcs.

Holly attempted downloading keyshot onto her mac laptop and after recieving the code for a trial found that when rendering it left numerous ‘keyshot” water marks on the render….

no good…..

next step…..find someone with a computer who is willing to help us!

…..and this is when we got in contact with Garth from 4th year last year. He owns a pc computer with Vray and was willing to let us use the software!

After setting up the file we did a few test renders (looking good!). The first render took about 4 hours….this meant we needed to turn the settings down.

We did this and a render was left for 2 and a half hours only to find the comp to crash right at the end!

The one problem with rendering at Garth’s house is that we can only be there certain times, restricting our ability to really fine tune!

The computer is currently rendering for us now so fingers crossed it will all work out…

very much a mission…but at least its taught us when facing a problem keep searching for the solution and something will work out in the end!


Keyshot watermarked renders from the trial version- for once we needed a PC 😦

Just playing about with lighting etc.